Trinity has a proud history of music ministry. The church is home to seven different choirs or music ensembles. Each Christmas and Easter, Trinity presents cantatas to celebrate the gospel story. The choirs are always open to new members who wish to make a joyful noise to the Lord.

CHANCEL CHOIR – Adult choir provides music at the 11:00 worship celebration each Sunday. The Chancel Choir performs a cantata three times on Palm Sunday and on a Sunday in Advent. Rehearsal is on Wednesday from 7-8 p.m. in the sanctuary. Director: Darrel Dees

THE NINE:50 WORSHIP BAND provides contemporary Christian music at the NINE:50 service each Sunday. The band includes vocalists, keyboards, guitars, bass, and drums. Rehearsal is on Sunday at 8:30 AM.

MEN’S CHORUS – The chorus sings once a month at both worship celebrations on Sunday mornings. Rehearsal is on Wednesday from 8-9 p.m. in the sanctuary. Director: Scott Price

TRINITY FOLK – Adult ensemble includes acoustic instruments and four part harmonies and provides music each Sunday at the 8:30 worship celebration. Rehearsal is on Wednesday from 6:15–7:00 p.m. in room 32. Directors: Steve Hoekstra, Ann Hoekstra and Gayle McMillen.

ADULT BELL CHOIR – The hand bell choir plays once a month for both Sunday worship services. Rehearsal is on Wednesday at 8 p.m. in Fellowship Hall 2. Director: Rita Johnson

REJOICE CHOIR – Rejoice choir is for children grades 2 through 6. They meet on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 to 6:30pm during the school year and sing once a month at worship services. They occasionally sing with the Chancel Choir in cantatas and anthems during the year. Directors: Linda Collins and James Rock.

TRINITY POWER COMPANY – The Brass Choir plays periodically in worship. Rehearsal is on Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. in room 12. Director: Bob Stutterheim

Each summer, individuals and groups offer special music at worship to give the choirs a well deserved break.

Healthy Lifestyles

healthy_logo Mission Statement:

Believing that our bodies are God’s temples, we aim to promote spiritual, physical, mental, and social health within our congregation, our community and our world.

United Methodist Women

umw_logoThe organized unit of the United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose purpose is to know God and experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ, to develop a creative, supportive fellowship, and to expand concepts of mission through participation in global ministries of the church.

Meetings are held at Trinity, 10:00AM on the third Monday of the month, unless otherwise specified.


Coffee and Snacks on Sunday Mornings
Looking for a cup of coffee? Come to the Welcome Center. A healthy snack or doughnut can be found in Fellowship Hall I. Enjoy visiting with others. Available every Sunday morning – all morning! Everyone is welcome!

Young Adult Group (YAG)
YAG will be meeting every second Sunday of the month AFTER the 9:50 service. Other social events are planned throughout the year.

Church Community Organic Garden

The Church Community Organic Garden is the culmination of an idea conceived by Eva Lankhorst in 2009. The purpose of this garden is to share gardening skills and produce with our local community. The garden was moved to its present location in 2014 when it was awarded grant funding for development by the Kansas Community Garden Grants Program and the Methodist Church Healthy Living Initiative. (If you have a picture to share send it to

Kansas Interfaith Power and Light

Kansas Interfaith Power and Light seeks to engage faith communities in environmental stewardship and sustainable practices through the promotion of energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. We believe the threat of global climate change calls us to action.


The Foundation makes it possible for a gift from you today to go on and on, enabling you to have a part in the work of Christ, through Trinity, for years to come.

All of us are in debt to the past. We drink from wells we have not dug; enjoy liberties we have not won; share our democracy resting on foundations of faith and sacrifice given by others. That’s why giving to Trinity is so important. We can share our appreciation for all we have received so freely. We can secure the future of Trinity so that others may know Christ for generations to come.

GIVING reflects the love of Christ in the hearts of people. It is a vital part of Christian living. Many churches have benefited greatly from special gifts, bequests, and memorials. That is why the Trinity United Methodist Church Foundation was established. It is designed to be the union of many gifts, both small and large, held in trust and managed for the permanent benefit of our church. It provides the most economical and businesslike method of administering past, present, and future gifts to our church. It is unique in that only the income produced by the Foundation will be used each year to help support the special projects of Trinity.


The Foundation was established to maximize earnings and to benefit Trinity much like a savings account serves a family. Since our by-laws require that 10% of the earnings be retained each year, the potential of the Foundation will not diminish with time.

Having the Foundation allows us to accept and fund new opportunities for Christian service when they arise. Funds are made available for special church needs without disrupting our operating budget. Trinity is assured of carrying our present ministry and mission to Salina and the world, as well as adding new ministries and missions. Finally, special scholarships can be provided to Trinity members.

The donor also benefits by joining others in an act of Christian stewardship which will perpetuate Trinity’s Christian influence through the years ahead.


Your first priority in your giving to Trinity should always be the annual plan of giving to the Operating and Mission Budget as well as the Building Fund. These are Trinity’s lifelines. The Foundation provides an additional but crucial opportunity for “second mile” giving.


Gifts to the Foundation may be in the form of a memorial to honor a loved one, a gift of thanksgiving on some special occasion, or a gift to obtain a current tax benefit. These gifts have no restriction regarding the use of the income and are encouraged because of the flexibility they provide in meeting unknown requirements of future years.


You can share in and become a part of the Trinity Foundation by contributing a Living Gift, Life Insurance, or by making a Bequest in your will. All of the following may have certain tax benefits.
LIVING GIFTS: More and more people are deciding to help advance the work of the church by making gifts while they are living. These may be money, securities, property, or a gift which provides income for life. This brings to the donor a sense of personal accomplishment.
LIFE INSURANCE: A person, whose life insurance coverage now exceeds family needs, may find that giving an existing policy is an ideal way to make a gift to the Foundation.
BEQUESTS: By remembering the Foundation, as well as your family and loved ones, in your will, you are helping to carry on Christ’s work on earth long after you are gone. In this manner you can gain a deep, inner satisfaction and achieve a kind of personal immortality.
REAL ESTATE: A gift of your personal residence can be made to Trinity, with the right to continue to use it for your lifetime, and take an immediate tax deduction (and another estate tax deduction at time of death). In this way, middle income persons can make a sizable bequest with some immediate tax advantages.


The simplest and preferred form of gift is a General Bequest whereby you bequeath a stated amount or a percentage of your estate to the Foundation without any conditions attached. If you are unsure of the needs of your estate, specify a Residuary Bequest. This provides that the remainder of your estate or portion thereof, will be left to the Foundation after all other bequests are fulfilled. A Contingent Bequest bequeaths to the Foundation any part of your estate the other beneficiaries are not able to receive. Please consult your financial advisor or your attorney when wording your bequest in your will.


Trinity United Methodist Church sees bequests and living gifts as an essential factor in maintaining and improving the services rendered to this and future generations of those who seek the extension of our Christian way of life. The next move is yours. Consider your responsibility to dispose of the worldly goods which God has provided for your use. Plan wisely for the Christian use of your estate both during your lifetime and after you are gone. In returning to God through Trinity, a portion of the goods accumulated through your life’s work as a Christian, you pass love and faith to new generations who follow.

The foundation is for every person
who wishes to extend his or her stewardship
through their church during their lifetime and
to perpetuate it in their memory.


A Foundation Committee has been appointed by the Administrative Council with the approval of the Charge Conference of the church. This committee must report to the Administrative Council at least quarterly. All of the grants given must be approved by the Administrative Council. Our funds are all invested with the Greater Salina Community Foundation. If you would like to discuss the Foundation, make a contribution, or obtain a grant application, please contact the Church office for the names of the members of the Foundation Committee.

Grant Application

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  3rd Quarter Financial Report – September 30, 2017

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