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Testimonial:  Hi! I found your site on the web – doing Google research for Bible study materials. I am a Southern Baptist pastor (30 yrs) now serving in Oregon 8 miles from the Pacific. I was particularly captivated by your “Head Trip vs. Gut Trip” approach – I really like it. I shared a thumbnail sketch of the concept to my people yesterday morning (giving you credit) – they really seemed to respond to the “head” / “gut” contrast. Testimonial:  Thank you for a great job you did for us. Your efforts are revitalizing our church. It was great to see you again. Vernon Nikkels.

Testimonial:  Pastor Bill, your "Gut-Trip-Analysis" teachings have helped me in my spiritual walk. Thank you! It makes sense out of scripture that I didn't understand. I experience the peace, At-One-Ment, when I am spiritually awake, sadness and "gut" ache when I fail and I am spiritually asleep. I do want to do my part in making God smile. Pat Baker

Testimonial:  I am now going back to some of my lessons and redefining and understanding further from the present and future materials that you are and will be providing regarding the book of I Corinthians. Thank you for continuing to make those available to me. Likewise, my husband continues to use your Sermon Starters just for that purpose, to get started and to enhance his knowledge and understanding of The Word.

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Chart of 2 Thessalonians - pdf


# 4, 2 Thessalonians 3: 6 to 18, “The Practical: Living the Awakened Life” – study page. The purpose of the Second Letter to the Thessalonians is to examine, “Paul’s Theory and Praxis of Christian Theology.”


Today’s study is the 2nd of 4 lessons.


According to our Study Chart


4 lessons

The Purpose of the Second Thessalonian Letter

Paul’s Theory and Praxis of Christian Theology.”


2nd Sub-section

“The Practical”



1st lesson of 2 in this set

“Living the Awakened Life”



Guidelines For Living The Awakened Life




The Theology Of The Salutation


Keep away from the idle and unbe-lievers




Follow our ex-



Pray before eating


We model-

ed the pro-cess


“No work not eat”


Some of you are idle.


Either you are busy or busy-bodies


Never tire of doing right


In the Lord Jesus Christ, settle down and earn your bread


Point out the dis-obed-ient, and shame him


He is not your enemy but a brother


The Lord of Peace give you peace


Be all you can be!


Paul’s per-sonal note


Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you
































I.            Re-read 2nd Thessalonians 3: 6 to 18

A.           Vs. 3:6, In order to live the awakened life how is it helpful to staff away from unbelievers?




B.           Vs. 3:7 – 15, Paul lays out some practical guidelines for living the awakened life. What are they?




1.           Vss. 3: 11 and 12,  PLAY A LITTLE GAME:  In the evening, Paul set down to write this verse. But first, what may have happened that morning that popped back into his head and said, “Oh, yes. Now I remember. I must say that when I write this evening to the Thessalonians.”

2.           Vs. 3: 13, What is the significance of anything that get dragged through the Lord Jesus Christ?




3.           Vss. 3: 14 and 15, What is going on here?




4.           Vss. 3: 16 – 18, What are the lessons you discern about writing a salutation?



B.          In section B you will find the information about Paul’s solution that came out of our study of Vss. 3: 13 – 3: 5. Now, what is the concluding solution Paul identifies at the end of his letter?



II.           Reflect on the following:

              (NOTE: In developing the chart of 2 Thessalonians it is evident that Paul clearly defines the SURFACE BARRIERS in Vss. 1: - 2: 2 (Session 1), the DEEP PROBLEM in Vss. 2: 3 – 12 (Session 2), and gives his SOLUTION in Vss. 2: 13 – 3: 18 (Sessions 3 and 4).

                            Part 2 is an exercise in reflecting on the assigned reading through a method of identifying the “Deep Problem” faced by the early church. Sometimes this is known as identifying the underlying contradiction. This is usually hidden behind some particular manifestations. Paul usually addresses this hidden agenda in his “solution” that he offers. Consequently, it is necessary for us to examine his solutions, and then back up to reflect on what is the  deeper problem actually being addressed. Usually, this reveals some new insights. The Master Chart of 2nd Thessalonians reveals the interesting information that Lesson 1 identifies the SURFACE BARRIER, Lesson 2 identifies the DEEP UNDERLYING BARRIER, and Lesson 3 and 4 identifies Paul’s SOLUTION to the Underlying Barrier.


A.           What is the surface problem that is manifested in the Colossian church?       

In light of the message is these few verses, speculate on what the surface problem may be. What is obvious?

                         Using Vss. 1: 1 – 2: 2,  What is the SURFACE BARRIER Paul identifies as facing the Thessalonian Church?

       WS:     The SURFACE BARRIER preventing the Thessalonian Church from fully living the Awakened Life is that they are attracted to false teachings.


           C.        What is the deeper, more hidden, agenda that Paul seeks to address with his solution?

Use your intuitions to identify the deeper problem.

IDENTIFY THE DEEPER UNDERLYING CONTRADICTION facing the Thessalonian Church (This section was identified in Session # 2.)

WS: The DEEP PROBLEM is that the Thessalonian church did not understand the nature of the Man of Lawlessness vs. the Law of Reality. To believe that Evil is a reality is to succumb to The Rebellion, and the delusion, that the truth is more than The Way Life Is (TWLI). There is only one Law—the Law of Reality. 

              Law-less-ness is to believe that Evil is now sitting in God’s place in the Temple (of Awakenment). NOT SO! God is only the God of Reality. If God is the creator of reality why is it necessary for God to create an evil reality and/or a super-natural reality? To believe in either kind of reality is idolatry; God just IS. That’s it.  Period.

         There are not TWO REALILTIES! If there is an Evil Reality then we are hopeless but to remain in obedience to The Rebellion which is to live in a Delusion of the truth.               There is only ONE REALITY of which delusion is one experience or aspect just as love is one experience or aspect. One of the better tests of this is our experience of PAIN; pain never lies to us! When we experience the pain of slavery is it a lie? No, it is the truth that slavery is painful. The truth is the experience of One Reality. Is the pain of 9/11 an illusion? Absolutely not. Consequently, 9/11 is not a lie but is the experience of One Reality.

              So what is the nature of evil? Evil is the EXPERIENCE of hopelessness. Evil is the EXPERIENCE of fear. Hopelessness and fear lead us to believe that our human situation has no answer. This is a lie! It is a lie because Jesus’ life, death on the cross and the resurrection demonstrate that we can die to the barriers preventing us from living hopefully! We are not victims, but rather we are victors in Christ.



XX False Teachings    __ Moral Decay  __The Corrupt World  ___ Church Division


B.          What is the solution Paul offers to address the Deep Problem?

           Speculate on what Paul is suggesting the solution is to the deeper problem.  

           WS: Vs. 3, Paul’s SOLUTION TO THE DEEP PROBLEM: Live the surrendered life and “God will take care of you.” (See: “Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light, by Kolodiejchuk, Brian (M.C.), New York: Doubleday. 2007)


Add your insights from Session # 4






           XX Create Authentic Ministry   __Use Spiritual Weapons  ___ Utilize Consciousness Raising


       Now, reread Paul’s solution to see if it makes sense.


              Alright folks, talk to me!


** Use the  “Problems and Solutions” chart previously sent to you. This chart is available in the archived materials at Look for the Chart link.  WES