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Progressive Dinner – Saturday, February 25 at 6:00 PM Mission and Social Concerns Fundraiser

Main Course: Brisket, Mashed Potatoes w/ White Gravy, Pit Smoked Beans and Rolls catered by Tuscon’s.

Beginning at 6:00 PM everyone will mingle together in Fellowship Hall 1 & 2 for appetizers. Punch will be served. At 6:30 PM we will move to the Family Life Center where we will have salad at tables for eight. We will then switch tables and eat with different people for the main course and again for dessert. We will be done between 8:00 and 8:30 PM.

This is a fundraiser for Mission and Social Concerns Committee. Baskets for tips/donations will be on the dessert table.

Child-care at the church will be provided for the entire dinner.

As in the past, each registration (one or two people) will make their preferred choice from the five selections below. (Any course gives organizers flexibility in making assignments.)

  • Any Course

  • Appetizers

  • Salad

  • Main Course

  • DessertThose assigned appetizers, salad or dessert will bring food for eight people. The salad and dessert course will be served by the person(s) hosting the course at the table where you are dining. There will be a serving line for the main course.

    There is a suggested donation of $15.00 for each participant (not registration) as a fundraiser for the Mission and Social Concerns. (Two people – suggested total donation of $30.00 for hosts bringing appetizer, salad and dessert.) Donations are made at the door.

    There is a suggested donation of an extra $10.00 for those providing the main course since they are NOT providing any food. The main course is brisket, mashed potatoes w/ white gravy, pit smoked beans and rolls catered by Tuscon’s. (Two people together choosing the main course – suggested total donation of $40.00). Donations are made at the door.

    Registration deadline is Friday, February 17. Assigned course and instructions will be provided Sunday, February 19 or mailed on the 21st. Register online at complete a paper form. Paper forms are in the office.