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Healing & Wholeness Service

Healing and wholeness services are scheduled during Lent and Advent.

Prayer Request

We would like the opportunity to pray for you, your family and friends. Our Prayer Ministry Team will pray for your concerns this week during their meditation time and your request will remain anonymous – it will NOT be publicized. With your permission we will also include it in the Sunday bulletin, newsletter and TTT. Complete the form or call the church office (785) 825-5270. All fields are required except to have a minister call.

Prayer Request

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Prayer Shawls

In October of 2007 approximately seven knitters gathered together to choose yarn and start knitting the first prayer shawls to be given to those in need at Trinity. An anonymous donor purchased the yarn for the first 15 shawls, after that each knitter or crocheter has purchased the yarn for their shawls. We are very “picky” about the yarn we use. It must be completely washable and dryable, soft and with little wool content. Each shawl costs approximately $20 to $25 and takes up to 100 hours to complete. In the last year we have had donations given to the Prayer Shawl Ministry to help purchase yarn for which we are very thankful. We do not have an acc ounting for the number of shawls that have been made, but believe it is approximately 100 a year. That’s a lot of stitches!

General Prayer Shawl Information
shawlpicYarn for prayer shawls must be washable/dryer safe. You can use an acrylic, cotton, or a blend of wool and an acrylic or cotton. Red Heart yarn, and its equivalent, CANNOT be used. Prayer Shawl members have found that worsted weight Marble Yarn produces soft and durable shawls. Also worsted Encore and Perfection by Kraemer are easy yarns to knit or crochet. Yarn is available at Yarns Sold and Told on Santa Fe in downtown Salina. Trinity has a charge account there and will pay for up to $25.00 per shawl. Please contact Kitty Dalton before purchasing yarn at Yarns so the proper information can be obtained.

For either a crocheted or knitted shawl approximately 4 skeins of the above yarn is needed. Finished dimensions for a prayer shawl are APPROXIMATELY 24” BY 60”. It should be large enough to wrap up in.

Prayer and mediation are an important part of the process of creating a prayer shawl. We try to pray and meditate about the person who will receive this prayer shawl.  We all find the process very soothing and comforting.

After completing the shawl please take it to the church and give it to Pastor Kim. The shawl will then be blessed during a worship service.

The Prayer Shawl Ministry meets the second Thursday of each month, Salina Regional Health Center – Cafeteria at 9:00 AM for fellowship and to knit or crochet. If you are able to come, we would love to have you join us.


Knitted Prayer Shawl
Size 11 needles (You can go to a larger size needle, whatever you’re comfortable with.)

Cast on 69 sts.
The pattern is K3, P3 every row. This means that you will always begin each row with K3 and end each row with K3. Follow this pattern until you achieve the desired length. BEFORE YOU BEGIN THE LAST SKEIN, MAKE YOUR FRINGE. Continue knitting in pattern last skein, being sure to leave enough yarn to bind off.

Making the Fringe
I use a cardboard guide of about 6” and I wrap the yarn 57 times for each end of the shawl (one wrap per stitch). Because the fringe is doubled when you fasten it to the shawl you must cut the fringe twice the desired length. For a 6” fringe, each piece must be 12”. Be sure to cut only one end. You can tie each bundle with a slipknot to keep from losing them and getting them tangled, and put them in a sealed plastic bag for safekeeping.

Attaching the Fringe
To attach the fringe to the prayer shawl double the yarn and using a crochet hook, pull the loop through the stitch. Insert the ends of the fringe through the loop and pull tight, creating a knot.

Contact person:


Crocheted Prayer Shawl

According to some crocheting is not an exact science so the dimensions vary somewhat on the finished prayer shawls. The number of chain stitches needed varies from person to person. The number is also affected by size of the crochet hook and the weight of the yarn. Please adjust the pattern as needed to create a prayer shawl with a finished size of 24” by 60”.


Chain 61

** Beginning in the second chain from hook, single crochet (SC) across for a total of 60 SC

Chain one and turn (counts as first SC), SC across for a total of 60 SC

Chain one and turn (counts as first SC), SC across for a total of 60 SC

Chain three and turn (counts as first double crochet), double crochet (DC) across for a total of 60 DC

Repeat from ** until prayer shawl measures 60” ending with three rows of SC

Trinity Tom Tom

The Trinity Tom Tom (TTT) has been a valuable tool for the church. Most of the credit goes to Sue Holmes who has made this her ministry since its beginning in 2003. It was originally created to share information about a church member who was in Houston for treatment. Seven years later it has grown into one of the primary resources for information in our community. Never before have we placed any guidelines on the TTT, but with Sue’s blessing we have decided it is time. Here are the guidelines we are asking everyone to follow.

  1. The TTT is a ministry of Trinity United Methodist Church. Please limit your submissions to the following two areas
    1. Joys or concerns to share with the Trinity church family for celebration or prayer
    2. Announcement about events or ministries connected to Trinity
  2. Messages are posted as received. Sue will not make judgments about what people intended to say.
  3. When making prayer requests, please be sensitive of rights to privacy. Make sure the person for whom you are concerned is aware of the request and is comfortable with the information you are sharing. When in doubt, be less specific.
  4. Don’t forget to sign your name so there is no confusion who is making the request or announcement.

These guidelines make the TTT an effective ministry.

The TTT also includes “This Week in Worship”.


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