Navigating the Medical System


Part 1: A brief history of medicine and becoming a doctor and how Medicare has been the driving force behind what medicine is today— Big Business. An explanation of why providers have so little time and how you can get the most from your doctor visit. What is the difference between an MD, DO, PA, NP? How to get information you can understand. What to do when you have several provider/specialists.

Part 2: Navigating the medical world— Where should you get medical information? Can you review your medical record and what if you find an error recorded? What is a DPOA, Living Will?  Do you need an Advocate? Brief review of what Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance options. What’s the difference between Inpatient and Observation in Hospital? What is skilled nursing care vs rehab vs long term care?

Part 3: Navigating the medical world— Why are we so reticent to discuss death, which at this point in time, is inevitable? Living vs Existing. Quality of time vs Quantity. What is resuscitation, CPR and DNR? What is Palliative care?  What is Hospice? Planning for the end— who needs a will and living will, do you have guardianship spelled out for minor children, who is your DPOA?

Part 4: Failure to Cure. Current day society doesn’t accept failure and it must be someone’s fault. Medical errors-how often to they occur, should they be disclosed, what is our role and responsibility and should we always do something about it? How hard should we push for “cure” and is it even feasible/realistic?