October 15th, 2021

Hello Trinity!
Over the past few months, many of you have expressed how much you enjoy viewing the daily video devotions that I create. It warms my heart that those devotions are important to so many people! The purpose of this article is to teach the method I use to prepare for what I will say during the devotional. I use a form of the ancient prayer technique called Lectio Divina. Lectio Divina is a way of praying through the Bible. It is an activity in which a person sits with God and listens to God speak through the pages of Scripture.

Fr Christopher Jamison, former Abbot of Worth Abbey in Sussex, England in his book Finding Sanctuary writes of three key features of lectio:

  • The first is that “the text is seen as a gift to be received, not a problem to be dissected….. let the text come to you.”
  • The second is that the lectio tradition “teaches us that in order to receive what the text has to offer we must read slowly.”The third is that lectio is “a way of prayer. Before reading pray that God will speak to youthrough the text. During reading, allow the reading to evolve into meditation and then into prayer and finally contemplation. When the reading is concluded, keep some phrase in mind and repeat it throughout the day so that prayerful reading becomes prayerful

    living.” (https://www.anglicancommunion.org/media/253799/1-What-is-Lectio-Divina.pdf)

    The process I use is to invite Jesus to sit with me during my time of prayer. I then select the text to read. It is best to choose a short selection, one that can be internalized or almost memorized after reading it several times. Then I do just that. I will paraphrase and repeat the text in my mind listening for a theme. Next, I will think about ways that God might be wanting me to apply that theme to my life. Finally, I will sit quietly for five or ten minutes telling Jesus, “Of all that I could be doing now, I choose to spend this time with you.”

    I have been creating the daily devotionals this way since July of 2020, and have never foundmyself at a loss for what I will offer. I pray that this method of enjoying the Bible and God’spresence will enrich your daily spiritual practices!

May you be filled with the grace and peace of Christ!