If streaming is not working properly refresh/reload the web page.
Still no sound – mouseover/tap and on the bottom of the video
find the speaker icon and make sure it is not crossed out and raise the volume control.
We will attempt to have the on-demand video available by 11:00 AM on 2/14.

All links open in a new window/tab.
Return to this window/tab for the rest of the worship service.

For assistance email keith@triumc.org – Call 785.823.0243 – or Text Me Now

Mouse rollover/tap the video to bring up the controls on the bottom of the video. The bottom left is for the Play/Pause button. The white rectangle is to move to the minutes:seconds of the video.

The speaker icon (bottom right) is to turn on or mute the sound and control the volume with the up and down slider. If there is no sound make sure you unmute the sound and raise the slider.