Worship on Sundays: 8:30 – NINE:50 – 11:00 Three vibrant and dynamic worship services are offered each Sunday morning which includes great music, relevant preaching, multi-media presentations and an experience that combines traditional practices with a contemporary feel.

Blended worship at 8:30 and 11:00.  The 8:30 service features the Trinity Folk Choir and the 11:00 service is led by the Chancel Choir, but worship often include, the adult bell choir, a brass choir (Trinity Power Company), Rejoice Choir (Children) or the Men’s Chorus. Both services incorporate current technology with traditional music and practices. A children’s time is offered each week.

nine50…service features contemporary Christian led music by The NINE:50 Worship Band.  This mid-morning worship is about 50-55 minutes long and incorporates quality music, casual atmosphere, interactive scriptures, relevant messages, heart-felt prayer and weekly communion.

Fellowship times are between services.  We’ll have coffee, donuts and assortment of healthy snacks.  Come for the refreshment and stay for the great fellowship time.

The Sunday worship bulletin is uploaded by Thursday 5:00pm.


As you enter the building through the southeast main entrance, you will find the nursery to your right.  Greeters will be available to answer any questions that you may have. The nursery is available from 8:15 until the final worship service is completed.


Communion is traditionally served on the first Sunday of each month at 8:30 and 11:00 worship but may be moved to reflect the beginning of the Christian seasons.  Communion is served weekly at the NINE:50 Worship. The United Methodist Church has an open table which means everyone is welcome to participate.  You will be given clear instructions during worship on receiving communion.



Worship Services – 8:30, NINE:50 and 11:00 AM
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Sermon Series: Risky Business
January 19 to February 23, 2020

If Jesus had lived in our day, the risk assessment folks would surely have rejected his application for life insurance. Time and again, he put himself in positions of risk–saying things that rubbed the rulers the wrong way, eating with people not fit for good company, and putting himself in harm’s way as he rubbed elbows with the sick and unclean. It seems the message was that the reign of God requires a bit of risky business. Are we willing to take risks for love and justice? What price do we pay by playing it safe?

February 23 – “Let Your Light Shine”


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