We often hear about the seven words Jesus said from the cross typically called the seven last words of Christ. Many books and sermons have been written about these words. Rarely do we focus on the words Jesus said after the resurrection.

We will explore seven things Christ said to the church after the first Easter. The words from the cross give us a clue to who Jesus was. The next seven words remind us what it means to be the church.

April 27 Who Are You Looking For?
May 4 Greetings... Don't Be Afraid
May 11 What Are You Concerned About
May 18 Peace Be With You
May 25 Go Into the World
June 1 Have You Caught Any Fish?
June 8 Wait for the Gift

Welcome to Trinity United Methodist Church. It is my joy to share with you what makes our church unique. In 1962, Trinity was planted on the south side of Salina. The new church began meeting for worship in Grace E. Stewart Elementary School but within a couple of years begin building at our current location on Neal Ave. We do not think it is coincidence that Trinity began in a place called “Grace” because at our core is a commitment to the unconditional love of God for all people. God’s amazing grace has the power to transform us into the people we were created to be and to reveal to the world the Kingdom of God.

It is because of this core belief that we strive to be a church with open hearts, open minds and open doors. We believe that God has created us to be a church open to all people, but we also believe that our purpose is to reach out into the community and build the Kingdom of God. Each member at Trinity is called to be an instrument of God’s grace in the world.

If you are looking for a church founded on the grace of God with a passion to make a difference in the world, I invite you to join us at Trinity. We would love the opportunity to be your church home.

Barry Dundas,
Senior Pastor


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