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Sunday Worship: 8:30 AM Traditional and 10:00 AM Contemporary (both in the FLC)

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What will the worship service be like?

Church service is at 9:00 a.m.  We are looking forward to three services post-COVID.

What should I wear to Trinity?

We want you to feel comfortable at Trinity. We are more concerned that you feel at home than if you are wearing the “right” clothes. On Sunday morning, you will see some members wearing suits and dresses while others will be in jeans and t-shirts. Please wear whatever makes you comfortable in worship.

How long are worship services?

All services are usually one hour.

Will I be singled out as a visitor?

You’ll never be put on the spot, never feel forced to give money, and never embarrassed at Trinity. We do hope is that you will be greeted numerous times by people who want to get to know you.

Where do my children go during worship?

Children are always welcome in worship.

How do I get involved in choir or other musical groups?

Contact the church office by calling 825-5270 or or from our Contact Us page. We encourage anyone who wants to share his/her musical gifts to join one of our many music groups.

How do I join Sunday School?

All Sunday School classes are open for visitors. You don’t need to join. To get more information about Sunday School classes choose “Growing” from the top menu bar.

How do I find out what is going on at Trinity?

A newsletter is published every two weeks and announcements are listed in the bulletin. Another great way is to explore our web-site, just like you are doing now.

How do I join Trinity?

The pastors would love to talk to you about membership. If you are interested, contact one of the pastors (Staff Page), call the church office at 825-5270 or Contact Us Page.

What are the worship service times?

9:00 AM Traditional and 10:00 AM Contemporary (both in the FLC)

Are hearing assisted receivers provided?

Yes!  We provide a neck loop to use with hearing assisted devices that have the t-coil activated and receivers with an earpiece or headphone.  Brief instructions are on a card.

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