The Trinity Story

Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here!

Trinity strives for the extraordinary in everything we are, say, and do as a church and congregation. We proclaim that loudly and boldly because we believe that it is true. On the outside we don’t look much different from any other church. We do many of the same things. What makes Trinity unique is a very simple process; three steps that we encourage for every member of the Trinity family.


Jesus said the greatest commandments are to love God and love neighbor. The first step in our process is to fall in love and that begins with worship. Worship is the primary entrance into the life of the church. Most people begin their journey at Trinity by attending a worship service. The goal of worship is to deepen our relationship with God and with the congregation. We believe worship should be that place where every person has the opportunity experience the unconditional love of God


Worship is the primary entrance into the church, but it is not the primary vehicle for spiritual growth. Spiritual growth happens in small groups designed for intentional study. We have many small group opportunities, and it is our goal that every person connects with a small group like Sunday School, Disciple Bible Study or Apprentice. God does amazing things in our lives when we commit to small groups for spiritual growth.


Serving – Ultimately the Christian faith is not just about a personal relationship with Jesus and individual growth, it is about making a difference in the world by building the Kingdom of God. The third step in the process is finding a place to serve. We have many opportunities to be in mission to the world, but service also includes ministries within the church. We were created to give of ourselves. We believe that church is not simply a place we come to be fed, but a training center to serve the Kingdom of God. If you are looking for a church where you can fall deeply in love with God, experience spiritual growth and participate in serving the Kingdom of God, then we invite you to Trinity United Methodist Church. It will not be an ordinary experience.